Nail Surgery Treatment

From £300 including recommended follow up redressing appointments.

Previous consultation required.

Nail Surgery Treatment – from £300 including recommended follow up redressing.

In certain circumstances, despite conservative treatment, some toenails may require to be partially or fully removed, from nails which have become infected and septic to nails which are painful or troublesome due to their abnormal shape. 

There are three stages to the operation:
1. You will be given an injection of local anaesthetic which will make your toe numb.
2. Once the toe is numb, the Podiatrist will then remove either all or part of the nail, and will use a chemical called phenol to destroy the exposed nail bed. This ensures that the removed part of nail will not grow back again.
3. A dressing will then be applied to the toe and you will be able to walk normally although you are advised not to drive whilst the toe is numb.
The operation takes about one hour (from entering the clinic and leaving). This allows sufficient time to allow an unhurried and uneventful procedure.


The method used by our Podiatrist is the same as that employed by Bostanci et al in 2001 who reported a success rate of 98.8%. Your Podiatrist will talk you through all risks, complications and after care in a previous initial appointment.