Routine Podiatry & Chiropody

First visit - up to 45 MINUTES • £40
Follow up Routine Podiatry - up to 30 MINUTES • £35

Verrucae Treatments

Initial Consultation Appointment • £40

Saliycic Acid Follow up appointments (20 minutes) • £30 unless stated differently by Podiatrist.

Verruca Needling – for whole treatment package, this included anaesthetic, dressings, and follow up appointments needed • From £195

Biomechanics and Gait Analysis

First visit - up to 60 MINUTES • £70

Temporary devices can often be made from as little as £30, whilst some specialist devices may have to be ordered from a lab. There is a choice of custom or off the shelf devices. Not all conditions require a custom device.

Custom made orthotics •From £220

Nail Surgery Treatment

Initial Consultation Appointment • £40

Nail Surgery Treatment - From £300 including 2-3 recommended follow up redressing appointments.